Mepal-Rosti;Hutzler Manufacturaing Co, Inc. (1965 – 1980)


Serviergabel; In 1966 we began molding utensils and mixing bowls from Melamine, the highest quality plastic available. Until this time, melamine had never been used for this purpose. Hutzler’s Danish Design 6-Pc. Melamine Serving Set was awarded the Housewares Design Award in 1968 as selected by the National Design Center Board of Design. These melamine utensils have also been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York City, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a 2-year traveling exhibition under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institute. Today you can see these same designs copied but not duplicated by manufacturers from all over the world.

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Hersteller Mepal-Rosti;Hutzler Manufacturaing Co, Inc.
Herstellungsdatum 1965 – 1980
Entstehungsland Dänemark
Herstellungsort Kopenhagen
Herstellung / Technik Pressteil
Material Melamin (MF)
Inventar-Nummer K-1990-00119
Größe Breite 4.5 cm
Tiefe 31.5 cm